Sunday, 16 December 2012

Nettle Tea? Cabbage, more like!

Ever had nettle tea? No? good, it's bum. Except with a bit, well, a LOT, of milk in it. Then it's not too bad. Just tastes like slightly odd warm milk. I don't recommend it. What I DO recommend is the band Hips of Steel. Go and google them, or just go to their facebook page, because google will just show weird hip surgery pictures... Anyhoo, I'm home in Bangor now, and it's about how I remember it. Cold, grey, and full of apathetic apoliticals. But it's home, even if it sucks and it's plummetting to a future of characterless ruin and desolation through unscrupulous development. And also...yeah, that's about it actually. Wahey! See y'all later!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

ANOTHER whiny post? 'Fraid so!

Yo! Sorry for the absence! I've started my MA as you all doubtless know, and since arriving in York things have been...fluctuating somewhat! Basically I've been semi-ok with my degree itself, though the staff here seem unsure on how it's actually meant to work, which isn't encouraging, and I'm struggling to engage with the course as well, which is a bummer. (Wow, looong sentence!) My landlady and agents are worse than useless most of the time, and I'm looking at possibly moving out mainly due to this! I've registered with a therapist because I've been feeling lower than I've ever done before, and despite trying to think more positively as suggested, the last two weeks have caused me to feel like I can't cope, and I really, really don't want to be here any more. I'd be in bed asleep, but I can't face the idea! So yeah, sorry for the whinging! I've done good stuff too! I've started doing daily sketches to put on my soon-to-be-filled Tumblr, and I've also been crocheting small animals for people, and meeting mates and chatting and generally gadding about. Woohoo! Anyway, hope you guys out there in Silicon Land are well, have as warm a winter as you can! :D Jx

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Like a Boss...? Update!

Well, she'd gone. I was only away for ten minutes to write a phone number or two down, and when I returned she'd left. Anyway, I strolled round the city, taking in all the usual haunts where people tend to sleep if they're out on the streets just in case. No dice. However, I met my friend who usually sits by the railway station. He had a bruised nose and a sling on his arm. He informed me he was jumped by some guys the other night, woke up in hospital and has a sever sprain. I was appalled, I can't believe some people would stoop so low as to jump a homeless man and severely injure him. In winter. In the North. Scum. Anyway, I was worried so I asked if he had plans. he said he was talking to the guys at the homeless shelter, but it'd take SEVEN weeks to get him in. I can't believe it, SEVEN! How?! I think I'll go to them and see if I can help relieve the burden of admin. or whatever's keeping him out of a home. Honestly, this world... Jx

Like a Boss...?

Ok, I just passed a homeless girl on the street. I didn't stop, I didn't give her any money, I just walked past and stumbled home. I mean I was feeling half-dead anyway, and I probably would have freaked the living hell out of her if I'd stopped and tried to chat like I usually do. You'd want someone to care, right? So I always try to see if they're ok, have someone to turn to locally, know where the local shelters are etc. But I didn't today, and I don't know why. Maybe I was too shell shocked to see a youngish girl sat begging, maybe I was too upset by other things, maybe I thought that stopping would scare her, after all I am a tall man in a black coat and ponytail... Anyway, my point is... Um... I dunno. I'm a bad person? Probably, probably that's what my point is. Anyhoo, I'm off out to see if she's ok and things. Ciao! Jx

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Doorboobs were a good idea...FIREWORKS!

So last night I was feeling ill (and I still am), so we decided it would be a good idea to put boobs on our front door...
Behold! And they're still there. Ah, student life... Also, tonight we had some excitement! After a dull day of cold, headaches and coughing (all still going) we got a free fireworks display from the school next door :)
And that made me feel MUCH better! And then a spent rocket landed on our roof and took out one of the slates! Hah! It was terrifying actually, but still... Anyhoo, that's all for the nicht, nos da y'all! Jx

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Stolen Earth and Movember

So this morning I woke up, and as I was putting my trousers on I heard someone singing the theme from "Skyfall" in the bathroom. How lovely, I thought, that someone's got a lovely voice and is sharing it with little ol' me. So I went downstairs and realised Heidi had come round. Heidi is lovely, an she pops round on a Wednesday, so I said hello. After about thirty seconds, I find out she's in an awesome prog rock band called Stolen Earth, who have a Christmas gig in York on December the 7th in the Fulford Arms, and you should all bloody well go because it's £8 and they are AWESOME! Seriously, here's a sample I know! So cool! Anyway, I'll be there :D Also, I'm doing Movember in memory of my Godfather, who died a few years back, so go to my page and give me a load of money for charity. Before I cut off all my hair later next month for charity when you can give me even MORE money. Mwahaha. Or at least keep apace with the progress I make in growing my excuse for a 'tache! Tata for now! Oh, and enter the competition? Maybe? If you don't I'll just keep doing them until somebody wins! In fact...I'm gonna do that anyway if nobody wins, because everybody should have nice crocheted things! Woo! :D Jx

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Ok chaps! Here's the plan! Nobody has managed to get the first question for the competition I announced last week. So...I've changed it! Mwaha! Hopefully this might be a bit more doable. I want to give a prize to someone! :)
Also! Here's a shot of my favourite thing in York Minster! It's a beautiful, intricate funerary monument for a 17th century gentleman and his wife. Isn't it gorgeous? And this is just for a rich bloke! Imagine what a king would have! :D So cool, can you imagine something so sumptuous at your graveside? That's a man who wanted to be remembered, and remembered as a rich, well dressed Dude with a capital D! I really like grave markers and funerary that weird? Jx